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Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funds that go unused each year? The most common reason is that with everyone's busy schedules, no one has the time to research them and construct the grant. Thats where ETCVideo can help.


Our team can do the research, write the grant and help to get you the funding necessary to deploy your technology plan. We can even assist with project management and compliance.


For example, a popular federal grant program from the US Department of Agriculture's Rural Utility Service (RUS) provides funding for Distance Learning and Telemedicine. Awards can range from $50,000 to $500,000 and funding of $20M is typical in any given year.


Over the past 10 years we've written grants for:


- RUS Distance Learning and Technology

- Delta Health Care Services

- ANEP (Alaska Native Education Program)

- RTTT (Race to the Top)

- SEDAP (States' Economic Development Assistance Program)

- NSF (National Science Foundation)

- i3 (Investing in Innovation) 

- HRSA (Health Resources and Service Administration)


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