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Whether it's a one-time special event or time to upgrade your video communications, the ETCVideo team can help. Why do you need a consultant? Consider the following:


Consultants are independent experts who can ensure you design and implement the best possible solution that is available - one that meets your needs, workflow, objectives and goals.


Who else might you turn to?:


- The reseller wants to sell you what they have on their price sheet. Video is a comodity these days and few resellers carry more than a single video solution. You want the best solution on the market, not the one they get paid to sell.


- The manufacturer wants you to buy their equipment for obvious reasons. Each will tell you they have competitive advantages over the other manufacturer - but what else would you expect them to tell you? The reality is that most have designed a product for one specific application but try to make it fit in multiple scenarios. Think square peg in a round hole.


- There are dozens of possible solutions on the market for video. The problem is that one size does not fit all and you will often end up stuck with a solution that falls far short of your overall long term goals. The time required to research all of the solutions in the marketplace is substantial and cuts into your overall timeline for deploying a system that ultimately is going to improve learning retention, simplify curriculum development and improve test scores.


With nearly 30 years’ experience in the marketplace we will work with you and your staff to understand your current challenges and recommend a solution that will best fits your needs, budget and deployment timeline.

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